If you make a choice which person or a company you are going to work with according to documents submitted, you have to study information contained in each document very carefully. We will describe the most common ways to distort the information in order to provide the customer with a lower quality product, presenting it in the guise of “highly pure” and, therefore, expensive product.

First of all, an intended customer should pay attention to the Certificate issued by Open Joint-Stock Company “Giredmet”. The aforesaid Certificate shall ensure that the material complies with the requirements of GOST 492-2006 and the list of impurities is regulated by this very GOST. The list shall include the following impurities: C, Mg, Si, P, S, Mn, Fe, Cu, Zn, As, Cd, Sn, Sb, Pb, Bi. This information shall be precisely indicated in the document.

There are cases when unfair sellers, not manufacturers, request their product to be chemically analyzed for particular elements but not for elements regulated by GOST 492-2006. In this respect chemical purity of the product increases as it is defined as a difference between 100% purity and a sum of impurities regulated by the standard (GOST). And the less the sum of impurities the higher chemical purity of the product is. Therefore, ordering analysis for different or particular impurity elements excluding those stipulated by the standard certificate, applicants deliberately increase the purity of the product. We have already seen more than once such certificates with indicated purity rate of 99.992 – 99.998% but concentration of controlled impurity elements was reduced to 4-5 elements. Just for fun, our specialists excluded these elements out of the list in test record and, as a result, they obtained chemical purity of 99.9990%. Joking apart, our Company issues Quality Certificate and orders Chemical Composition Certificate to be issued in accordance with GOST 492-2006 by Open Joint-Stock Company “Giredmet”. It is important for us to uphold our reputation and our good name.

Sometimes, a brand of wire or alloy (for instance NP1) is indicated only in a name of a lot. It is not forbidden but does not prove that the Certificate was issued exactly for this particular brand. A lot may be named by any word or number combination. The Giredmet Certificate should clearly indicate that wire is the Nickel wire of particular brand, namely NP2 or NP1, manufactured in accordance with GOST 492-2006. It shall not be just a brand name attached to a lot number. The list of impurities shall also comply with the GOST requirements. Samples of necessary documents provided by the Company are available on this web site. One should be very careful examining documents as there are too many unfair sellers in the financial instruments market. Generally, they attract customers offering “highly pure” product or payment by installments, but in fact the customer, having paid a lot of money, would still find themselves in debt. Moreover, the purchased Nickel wire is usually certified in accordance with other chemical purity in Europe. Therefore, the customer may have problems with documents conformity. It is necessary to understand that it is going to be a large transaction requiring careful examination of supporting documents, which is a very long, intent and unhasting process.

During inspection there might be problems with fake Certificates of origin. As has been mentioned above if you pay large amount of money it is better to pay for original documents.

Very close attention should also be paid both to the Giredmet Certificate and to the IGAS Certificate of Chemical Composition. If these certificates (or one of them) indicate information (usually marked by *) that the product sample has been provided by the Applicant, it means that the aforesaid sample originates from other product lot with higher purity. During re-inspection of the whole lot or during accessing a trading platform, such documents are usually set aside at bank without a good reason. As a result, the last step of transaction may become a complete disappointment for the customer as money, time and efforts are lost in vein.

Our Company does not submit samples of the material for certification. Spools of all manufactured material are taken for inspection randomly from the lot. This fact is specified in Certificates issued by Open Joint-Stock Company “Giredmet” and IGAS.

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