1.What is the price of nickel wire?

Answer: A price of the wire depends on the quantity of the purchased product and on actual demand for the product (actual market prices). We quote and discuss the price with every customer individually before purchasing. Only customers, but not dealers, could and should bargain. Usually bargaining is performed at IGAS in Germany after examination of original documents. If the product is to be purchased in Russia, its price may be negotiated directly at our premises. Why so? Because there were repeated cases when dealers offered our product to our customers at a lower price after bargaining with our Company first, and therefore deceived clients. If a customer has funds they may come directly to our enterprise or come to Germany, where they can make sure that the product is in stock and find out how a transaction procedure would be performed. As for dealers, we recommend them to conclude an agreement with our Company for commission payment and let our experienced specialists negotiate professionally.

2.What is monthly output of nickel wire produced by your company?

Answer: Any required quantity. However, to manufacture high volume of the goods we require funds. We do not place a priority on manufacturing volumes of the product just to show our potential, which is very high as we can hire more people or install additional equipment, etc. Only thing we need is motivation.

3.Is it possible to examine documents for the product?

Answer: Yes, it is. Please come to Chelyabinsk or to Germany where you can examine original documents. Scanned copies are available on our website. Please consider that not all available documents necessarily accompany the product. List of documents shall be discussed with each customer individually during price negotiation process.

4.What quantity of the wire is available in Germany at the moment?

Answer: To find out available quantity of the product in Germany please contact IGAS representatives by the number specified on the following web site: www. igasresearch.com.

5. How long does it usually take for the transaction to close?

Answer: Time period for preparation and signing of the agreement depends on the customer. A transaction itself is performed within one day and includes the following procedure: after money is wired to the settlement account the goods and documents registered in the name of the customer would be delivered to the client.

6.How do you provide transaction security?

Answer: We advise to wire money to the IGAS company’s account, as it licensed to perform such business activity. It will not accept money in case the goods are not in stock so the goods will not be delivered if money is not wired to bank account. It is the most secure way both for the seller and for the buyer. The IGAS company guarantees security for both parties.

7. What are the documents accompanying the product?

Answer: A list of accompanying documents is made in accordance with customer’s requirements. Samples of all documents are available on our website in the corresponding section.

8.What is a minimum lot of sale?

Answer: One spool. However the price is inversely proportional to the quantity of the product. The more you buy the lower the price.

9.Do you accept bill of exchange, bank security or letter of credit?

Answer: No, we do not. We accept direct payment in any currency or cash payment.

10.Is it possible to arrange shipment to any other country except for Germany?

Answer: Yes it is. We can arrange shipment of the goods either from Germany or from Russia but without IGAS documentation. We have already shipped the goods to the UAE, Czech republic and SlovakRepublic.

11.Is a DKRNT 0.025 KT NP1 wire available for sale?

Answer: Yes it is. We have manufactured a small amount of this wire. We are ready to manufacture the product upon request after advanced payment. But the price for this product is 4 times higher than for the NP2 wire. If the NP1 wire is assessed inGermany, its anticipated price will be just 15% higher than the price of the NP2 wire. Having done simple math, it becomes evident that purchasing of the NP1 wire is unprofitable for the customer. But the customer is always right so we are ready to manufacture the NP1 wire upon request after partial advanced payment. Why do we require advanced payment? Everything is very simple, we have to buy different prefabricated product and reconfigure all equipment (the drawing process of the NP1 wire includes some specialist techniques).

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